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CeG-8397 LG 993 2016 C65 /B55 Crime modeling and prediction using recurrent neural networks with long short-term memory architecture Bilocura, Jay Arnel D. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8398 LG 993 2016 C65 C37 Using distributed representation of words for job recommendation Cari-cari, Candy Mae P. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8399 LG 993 2016 C65 /D47 An online K-means clustering algorithm for streaming Twitter data Descartin, Gabrielle Adriene D. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8400 LG 993 2016 C65 /F56 Tweet normalization using conditional random fields and distributed representations of words Flores, Elen Rose S. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8401 LG 993 2016 C65 /G47 Comparison of multiword collocation and n-gram models in Twitter sentiment analysis German, Anne Valerie Joyce V. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8402 LG 993 2016 C65 /M66 Developing an interactive learning object for teaching recursion applying two types of feedback methods in the learning assessment Mondigo, Lynnard R. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8403 LG 993.5 2016 M38 /A24 Molecular topological index of monocyclic graph Ck(S,T) Abella, Krisell L. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8404 LG 993.5 2016 M38 /B37 (m,n) Sp-open closed functions in bigeneralized topologies Barcelona, Rae Lorraine L UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8405 LG 993.5 2016 M38 /E26 (m,n) Sp-sets in bigeneralized topologies Eborda, Arman T. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8406 LG 993.5 2016 M38 /T56 (m,n) Sp-continuous functions in the bigeneralized topological spaces Tingcoy, Evan James F. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8407 LG 993.5 2016 M3 /A33 Face-to-face or Facebook : insights of selected students and teachers of the University of the Philippines Cebu on class communication Adalin, Stephanie. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8409 LG 993.5 2016 M3 /A43 Bayan o sarili : audience reception of the historical biopic film Heneral Luna by selected college students of Cebu City Alboro, Quennie T. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8410 LG 993.5 2012 M3 /A48 Cebu English dailies' coverage of HIV/AIDS in Cebu City and the perceptions of persons not affected with HIV/AIDS and people living with HIV Alusin, Mary Josebelle UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8411 LG 993.5 2016 M3 /B35 A case study on Sun Star in Cebu : how print and digital media convergence changes newsrooms and affects audience engagement Balane, Justine Raphael Luis C. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8412 LG 993.5 2016 M3 /B43 Social media's contribution to depression among selected Filipino youth Bedas, Julie Mae R. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8413 LG 993.5 2016 M3 /C36 Universine : the contributions of selected Cebu City universities in the development of Cebu digital films Camposano, Katrine Brille B. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8414 LG 993.5 2016 M3 /C37 Screenagers on the lookout : effectiveness of the learning tools in citizen journalism Caratol, Maria Estela D. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8415 LG 993.5 2016 M3 /C38 Eskaya : a video documentary on how contemporary means of communication affect the Eskayan culture Catado, Mary Claire Christner U. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8416 LG 993.5 2016 M3 /C63 Going plastic-free : the impact of an environmental communication campaign on the knowledge and attitude towards plastic use of District Puso-an, Labangon residents Cobarde, December Belle C. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8417 LG 993.5 2016 M3 /C83 Cyberstalking : an exploratory study on the perception and experiences of Cebuano social media users Cuadra, Jubaila May F. UP Cebu-Lahug
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