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CeG-8716 LG 993.5 2000 M3 M37 The relationship between mass media exposure to news reports to Southern Mindanao conflict and the attitude of the political science and mass communication students of the University of the Philippines Cebu College towards the government's response to the Muslim struggle Martinez, Tiara Julia Ceniza. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8717 LG 993.5 2000 M3 P33 Towards making a successful community paper : a comparative case study of Banat News and Sunstar Superbalita Pace, Louella L. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8718 LG 993.5 2000 M3 Q85 The use of the internet and its influence on the social and mass media behavior of selected high school and college students of Cebu City Quijano, Aileen M. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8719 LG 993.5 2000 M3 R35 A comparative content analysis of the news treatment of the Visiting Forces Agreement by three local dailies Regis, Reina Anne Quieta. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8720 LG 993.5 2000 M3 S33 A study on the exposure of fourth year high school students of the University of San Jose Recoletos to contemporary TV programs and their attitude towards personal relationships Salazar, Loveme O. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8721 LG 993.5 2000 M3 S34 The relationship between exposure to gay lingo in The Freeman's Banat News and the attitudes of mass communication students of the University of San Jose-Recoletos towards gays Saliganan, Sheilamar Enjambre. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8722 LG 993.5 2000 M3 S95 Exposure of Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Political Science third year students of the University of San Jose-Recoletos to mass media's portrayal of President Joseph Estrada and their attitude towards the president Sugian, Crislynne Mae Aspillaga. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8723 RC 440 T69 1999 Essentials of psychiatric/mental health nursing Townsend, Mary C. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8724 BF723 M54 B67 2001 Building moral intelligence : the seven essential virtues that teach kids to do the right thing Borba, Michele. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8725 R726.7 T39 1999 Health psychology Taylor, Shelley E. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8900 LG 995 2018 E5 D36 Effects of peer tutoring on students' performance in General Biology 2 Damaolao, Dahlia S. UP Cebu-SRP
CeG-8901 LG 995 2018 E5 E46 Strategic Intervention Material versus modules : effects on low performing Grade 7 students' performance in Physics Elopre, Geraldine B. UP Cebu-SRP
CeG-8902 LG 995 2018 E5 L44 Teachers' educational preparation, self-efficacy, perceived concept mastery, problems and challenges in Science teaching in the K to 12 curriculum Lee, Joanne P. UP Cebu-SRP
CeG-8903 LG 995 2018 E5 M33 Modular approach as alternative mode of teaching Grade 8 Biology Mabini, Ricky P. UP Cebu-SRP
CeG-8904 LG 995 2018 E5 R58 Factors affecting students' academic performance in Science in a sectarian school Rivera, Liza C. UP Cebu-SRP
CeG-8969 LG 994 2015 /D45 Developing a Sinugbuanong Binisaya workbook for grade one Del Mar, Jasmin A. UP Cebu-SRP
CeG-8970 LG 995 2018 E5 /A58 Using music to enhance reading comprehension Antiporda, Lara B. UP Cebu-SRP
CeG-8971 LG 995 2018 E5 /A73 ESL teachers' training on phonological awareness and contrastive analysis : effects in teaching American English pronunciation Ardina, Sharmaine D. UP Cebu-SRP
CeG-8972 LG 995 2018 E5 /C36 Experiential approach in teaching oral communication skills for business purposes to grade 8 students Caņete, Robin Christian L. UP Cebu-SRP
CeG-8973 LG 995 2018 E5 /C37 Linguistic confidence and employability of call center applicants in Cebu Castor, Marvelous P. UP Cebu-SRP
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