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CeG-8703 LG 993.5 2002 M3 B58 "Kalabung bu nandaw" = Yesterday and today : an ethnovideography on the Subanen Tribe of Dumingag, Zamboanga del Sur Bhuyo, Gerwin Vic Evarretta. UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20790 NK 1175 F54 2019 100 ideas that changed design Fiell, Charlotte UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20216 TT 835 S53 2015 1000 quilt inspirations : colorful and creative designs for traditional, modern, and art quilts Sider, Sandra. UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20762 HD 30.213 T46 2018 3GE collection on business management : decision support systems UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9017 LG 993 2018 C65 B33 A character tracker system for web novels using cluster analysis and topic modeling Baclado, Aljomai T. UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20040 G 143 /C66 2016 A companion to environmental geography UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20136 P 96 T42 C626 2013 A companion to new media dynamics UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8710 LG 993.5 2000 M3 A45 A comparative analysis of the editorial sections of the three newspapers of Cebu (July 1 - December 30, 1999) Alinsug, Danessa B. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8719 LG 993.5 2000 M3 R35 A comparative content analysis of the news treatment of the Visiting Forces Agreement by three local dailies Regis, Reina Anne Quieta. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8712 LG 993.5 2000 M3 D36 A comparative study of the banner stories and editorials in The Freeman : selected prewar and contemporary issues Daproza, Lorelynn Senit. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9047 LG 993 2018 C65 V53 A computer-based information system for flora in Cebu with GIS-oriented visualization Vicentillo, Regina Kristley B. UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20227 HM 743 F33 E47 2015 A critical hypertext analysis of social media : the true colours of Facebook Eisenlauer, Volker UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9006 LG 993.5 2018 M3 /B35 A descriptive study on the use of Facebook groups in assisting instructional messages in the University of the Philippines Cebu Baldesco, Christine Gae A. UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20081 BF 95 S35 2016 A History of modern psychology Schultz, Duane P. UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20773 BF 105 S28 2018 A history of modern psychology Saugstad, Per UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9021 LG 993 2018 C65 C39 A hybrid approach on fake news detection in social media Cazar, John Kim D. UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20129 AZ 105 N42 2016 A new companion to digital humanities UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20167 QC 903 /A76 2015 A short guide to climate change risk Arnell, Nigel UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20099 RC 455 P49 2014 A sociology of mental health and illness Rogers, Anne UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-8720 LG 993.5 2000 M3 S33 A study on the exposure of fourth year high school students of the University of San Jose Recoletos to contemporary TV programs and their attitude towards personal relationships Salazar, Loveme O. UP Cebu-Lahug
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