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CeG-8566 LG 995 2015 E8 /B33 Patterns of marine benthic algal composition obtained from a decadal study ( 1969-2014) : providing insights to environmental and habitat changes in Silot Bay, Liloan Cebu Bataan, Dan Anthony U. UP Cebu
CeG-8567 LG 995 2017 E8 A93 Lamawan Pony MPA status : coral reef, fishery and social indicators in San Jose de Buenavista, Antique, Philippines Azcuna, Mirasol E. UP Cebu
CeG-8568 LG 995 2017 E8 G37 Impacts of alien plant invasion on native floral diversity and arthropod assemblage in Mt. Manunggal, Cebu Island, Philippines Garces, Jake Joshua C. UP Cebu
CeG-8569 LG 995 2017 E8 G39 Biodiversity and local uses of indigenous forest tree species within the mineralized areas of Homonhon Island Guian, Eastern Samar, Philippines : inputs for the future restoration efforts Gayas, Prima Brazil UP Cebu
CeG-8570 LG 995 2017 E8 P33 Mapping, site suitability analysis and evaluation of reforestation efforts in the mangrove forests of Kabankalan City, NegrosOccidental Pada, Ariadne Victoria S. UP Cebu
CeG-8571 LG 995 2017 E8 R47 Spatial distribution pattern and management of rice grain bug, paraeucosmetus pallicornis (dallas) (hemiptera: lygaeidae) in the province of Bohol and its effect on the income of the farmers Repol, Norma B. UP Cebu
CeG-8572 LG 993.5 2017 M38 /A25 On counting Alice's winning ways in a map coloring game using the dual graph K1,M Abiera, Jeshualene B. UP Cebu
CeG-8573 LG 993.5 2017 M38 /A43 On quaternionic linear maps Alcoseba, John Aaron Q. UP Cebu
CeG-8574 LG 993.5 2017 M38 /D45 The fundamental solution to the cubic analogue of Pell's equation Deiparine, Marve E. UP Cebu
CeG-8575 LG 993.5 2017 M38 /P47 On cycle double covers of some graphs Perpetua, Venessa M. UP Cebu
CeG-8576 LG 993.5 2017 M38 /O77 On mini-sudoku symmetries Orquillas, Min Young Claire Y. UP Cebu
CeG-8577 LG 993 2017 P6 /A48 After Tokhang, what now? : an evaluation of Barangay Subangdaku's from Tokhang to LaBang Program UP Cebu
CeG-8578 LG 993 2017 P6 /M87 Who put the demon in the demonstration? : a study on the influence of political culture on public perception of the activism in Cebu City Muralla, John Darwin Kitt P. UP Cebu
CeG-8579 LG 993.5 2017 M38 /K56 Strictly locating sets in special graphs Kintanar, Ina Marie P. UP Cebu
CeG-8580 LG 993.5 2017 M38 /S83 Locating sets in perfect graphs Suarez, Anjaneth Clarise P. UP Cebu
CeG-8581 TD 789 P6 /U75 2008 Solid waste management : principles and practices : an introduction to the basic functional elements of solid waste management, with special emphasis on the needs of developing countries Uriarte, Filemon A.,Jr. UP Cebu
CeG-8582 TD 790 /S65 1998 Solid waste management : critical issues for developing countries UP Cebu
CeG-8583 LG 994 2017 /D39 Brainstorming in stoichiometry problem solving Dayag, Catherine G. UP Cebu-SRP
CeG-8584 LG 994 2017 /L46 Students' learning styles and parents' involvement as determinants of grade 7 students' academic performance in science Leorag, Nezel B. UP Cebu-SRP
CeG-8585 LG 993.5 2017 M3 /A43 Consciousness and responsibility : print media coverage of the killings in the Philippine drug war Albasin, Myles C. UP Cebu
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