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Ce-19704 BF 121 G618 2011 Creative concepts in psychology : an activity and case-based approach Goldstein, Andrea H. UP Cebu
Ce-19703 BF 199 P54 2013 Behavior analysis and learning UP Cebu
CeG-8355 BF 1999 U63 2013 The Urantia book. UP Cebu
CeG-8356 BF 1999 U63 2013 The Urantia book. UP Cebu
Ce-19696 BF 201 G55 2014 Cognitive psychology Gilhooly, Ken UP Cebu
Ce-19710 BF 201 G76 2014 An introduction to cognitive psychology : processes and disorders Groome, David UP Cebu
Ce-19716 BF 233 H36 2014 Sensation and perception Harris, John UP Cebu
CeG-8508 BF 38 C36 2015 Calidad humana : sharing the Filipino spirit UP Cebu
Ce-19706 BF 39 F87 2014 Psychometrics : an introduction Furr, R. Michael. UP Cebu
Ce-19708 BF 39 M277 2013 Frontiers of test validity theory : measurement, causation and meaning Markus, Keith A. UP Cebu
Ce-19697 BF 455 H2713 2014 The psychology of language : from data to theory Harley, Trevor A. UP Cebu
Ce-19838 BF 463 M4 T48 2010 Meaning, discourse and society Teubert, Wolfgang. UP Cebu
Ce-19715 BF 698 A746 2015 Personality theories workbook Ashcraft, Donna Musialowski. UP Cebu
Ce-19765 BF 698.9 O3 Z53 2013 Personality power : discover your unique profile and unlock your potential for breakthrough success Zichy, Shoya. UP Cebu
Ce-19702 BF 713 H87 2014 Annual editions : human development 43/e UP Cebu
Ce-19713 BF 723 M54 H354 2014 Handbook of moral development UP Cebu
Ce-19712 BF698.95 R39 2013 Evolutionary psychology : neuroscience perspectives concerning human behavior and experience Ray, William J. UP Cebu
Ce-19701 BF713 S28 2015 A topical approach to life-span development Santrock, John W. UP Cebu
CeG-8217 BJ 1533 F8 /M86 2011 Add mo 'ko as friend : your link to real relationships Munar, Marlene Legaspi UP Cebu
CeG-8232 BV 3382/B87 A3 2003 In the presence of my enemies Burnham, Gracia. UP Cebu
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