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CeG-8573 LG 993.5 2017 M38 /A43 On quaternionic linear maps Alcoseba, John Aaron Q. UP Cebu
CeG-8574 LG 993.5 2017 M38 /D45 The fundamental solution to the cubic analogue of Pell's equation Deiparine, Marve E. UP Cebu
CeG-8575 LG 993.5 2017 M38 /P47 On cycle double covers of some graphs Perpetua, Venessa M. UP Cebu
CeG-8576 LG 993.5 2017 M38 /O77 On mini-sudoku symmetries Orquillas, Min Young Claire Y. UP Cebu
CeG-8577 LG 993 2017 P6 /A48 After Tokhang, what now? : an evaluation of Barangay Subangdaku's from Tokhang to LaBang Program UP Cebu
CeG-8578 LG 993 2017 P6 /M87 Who put the demon in the demonstration? : a study on the influence of political culture on public perception of the activism in Cebu City Muralla, John Darwin Kitt P. UP Cebu
CeG-8579 LG 993.5 2017 M38 /K56 Strictly locating sets in special graphs Kintanar, Ina Marie P. UP Cebu
CeG-8580 LG 993.5 2017 M38 /S83 Locating sets in perfect graphs Suarez, Anjaneth Clarise P. UP Cebu
CeG-8581 TD 789 P6 /U75 2008 Solid waste management : principles and practices : an introduction to the basic functional elements of solid waste management, with special emphasis on the needs of developing countries Uriarte, Filemon A.,Jr. UP Cebu
CeG-8582 TD 790 /S65 1998 Solid waste management : critical issues for developing countries UP Cebu
CeG-8584 LG 994 2017 /L46 Students' learning styles and parents' involvement as determinants of grade 7 students' academic performance in science Leorag, Nezel B. UP Cebu-SRP
CeG-8585 LG 993.5 2017 M3 /A43 Consciousness and responsibility : print media coverage of the killings in the Philippine drug war Albasin, Myles C. UP Cebu
CeG-8586 LG 993.5 2017 M3 /G84 Breaking boundaries : Mocha Uson as a social media influencer Guerra, Mary Louise M. UP Cebu
CeG-8587 LG 993.5 2017 M3 /L33 Understanding cyber-communities : how online discourse on Rappler's coverage of drug-linked extrajudicial killings relates to a culture of impunity in Philippine society Ladrera, Euchrissa Theresa T. UP Cebu
CeG-8588 LG 993.5 2017 M3 /M33 Pusher ko, ayaw'g sunda : a summative content and framing analysis of articles on drug-related killings by Cebu Daily News, Sun.Star Cebu, and The Freeman Macalinao, Amy A. UP Cebu
CeG-8589 LG 993.5 2017 M3 /P86 Perception of selected University of the Philippines Cebu students on ethnocentrism as manifested in the movie Heneral Luna Punzalan, Mari Janae Paula A. UP Cebu
CeG-8590 LG 994 2017 /L86 Gamification : its effect on pupil performance in mathematics Lumapas, April C. UP Cebu-SRP
CeG-8592 LG 993 2017 B4 /A24 Spatial distribution of marine macroalgae in Barangay Unidos, San Francisco, Camotes Island, Cebu Abella, Mary Grace A. UP Cebu
CeG-8593 LG 993 2017 B4 /A33 Ethnobotanical survey of edible wild plants in calamity affected area in Sagbayan, Bohol Adiong, Felina Justine V. UP Cebu
CeG-8594 LG 993 2017 B4 /A34 Masculinization in the marine gastropod canarium urceus along a gradient of impact from shipyard in the coastal areas of Brgy. Calero, Liloan, Cebu Agan, Maria Donna Fe M. UP Cebu
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