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CeG-8492 PN 4784 B75 B38 2004 Between the tiger and the crocodile : broadcast media self-regulation in Southeast Asia UP Cebu
CeG-8493 PN 5449 A785 A27 2005 Across the border : Southeast Asian chronicles. UP Cebu
CeG-8494 HC 683.5 Z65 P33 2014 Pacific-Asia partnerships in resource development UP Cebu
CeG-8495 SH 307 P5 V5 2014 Visayas and beyond : continuing studies on subsistence and belief in the islands UP Cebu
CeG-8496 RC 154.7 P5 H53 2016 Hidden lives, concealed narratives : a history of leprosy in the Philippines UP Cebu
CeG-8497 DS 675.8 R5 S46 2016 A sense of nation : the birthright of Rizal, Bonifacio, and Mabini UP Cebu
CeG-8498 QA226 G24 1990 Contemporary abstract algebra Gallian, Joseph A. UP Cebu
CeG-8499 LC 6206 P76 2014 Proceedings of the UP Diliman-wide Extension Colloquium UP Cebu
CeG-8500 DS 689 I47 E8 2013 History of hacienda de Imus 1590-1910 Escalante, Rene R. UP Cebu
CeG-8501 PS 9993 Y75 O84 2014 The other(ed) woman Yu, Hope Sabanpan UP Cebu
CeG-8502 GR 326 B5 N4 2013 Nga B'nai : the night creature and the beautiful maiden D'lag UP Cebu
CeG-8503 KPM 5046 I53 2015 In defense of the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law: selected essays, January - March 2015 UP Cebu
CeG-8504 RA 776 A85 2012 Asia Brewery medical forum health guide UP Cebu
CeG-8505 QH 308.2 M23 2007 Biology Mader, Sylvia S. UP Cebu
CeG-8506 H 62.5 S63 2016 v.2 Social science teaching, research and practice : consolidating lessons and charting directions : conference paper, vol. 2 UP Cebu
CeG-8507 H 62.5 S63 2016 v.1 Social science teaching, research and practice : consolidating lessons and charting directions : conference paper, vol. 1 UP Cebu
CeG-8508 BF 38 C36 2015 Calidad humana : sharing the Filipino spirit UP Cebu
CeG-8509 LA 1052 R44 2015 Regional integration through educational innovation, exchange and cooperation : institutionalization beyond the ASEAN community UP Cebu
CeG-8510 QH 541.5 S6 M37 2016 Marine and coastal ecosystem valuation, institutions, and policy in Southeast Asia Nancy Olewiler, Herminia A. Francisco, Alice Joan G. Ferrer, Editors. UP Cebu
CeG-8511 DS 686.616 V57 S73 2014 Cesar Virata : life and times through four decades of Philippine economic history Sicat, Gerardo P. UP Cebu
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