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Ce-19765 BF 698.9 O3 Z53 2013 Personality power : discover your unique profile and unlock your potential for breakthrough success Zichy, Shoya. UP Cebu
Ce-19813 TR 882.5 Z488 2013 Video basics 7 + workbook Zettl, Herbert. UP Cebu
Ce-19811 TR 850 Z47 2013 Sight sound motion : applied media aesthetics Zettl, Herbert UP Cebu
CeG-8321 DS 688 C4 /C45 2014 v.43 The history of Samboan Zablan, Antonieta IG. E. UP Cebu
Ce-19873 PS 9993 Y78 H35 2004 Hairtrigger loves : 50 poems on woeman Yuson, Alfred A. UP Cebu
Ce-19896 PL 6170.3 Y87 2009 Women's common destiny : maternal representations in the serialized Cebuano fiction of Hilda Montaire and Austregelina Espina-Moore Yu, Hope Sabanpan UP Cebu
CeG-8501 PS 9993 Y75 O84 2014 The other(ed) woman Yu, Hope Sabanpan UP Cebu
Ce-19803 QA 76.9 D343 Y4 2014 Data mining : theories, algorithms, and examples Ye, Nong UP Cebu
CeG-8328 DS 688 C4 /C45 2014 v.50 The history of Santa Fe Yap, Januar E. UP Cebu
CeG-8452 LG 993 2016 B4 /Y36 Meroplankton and holoplankton composition found in two nursery habitats of Liloan, Cebu and Jandayan Island, Bohol Yang, Jireh Jasmin UP Cebu
Ce-19776 HD 69 P75 W976 2014 Effective project management : traditional, agile, extreme Wysocki, Robert K. UP Cebu
Ce-19840 PN 2091 S8 P3 2014 Scene design and stage lighting Wolf, R. Craig. UP Cebu
Ce-19748 HD 31 W5164 2014 Effective management : a multimedia approach Williams, Chuck UP Cebu
Ce-19742 HF 5438.8 P75 /W47 2015 BrainScripts for sales success : 21 hidden principles of consumer psychology for winning customers Whitman, Drew Eric UP Cebu
Ce-19853 HF 5823 W45 2004 Advertising : principles and practice Wells, William. UP Cebu
Ce-19729 D 20 W355 2013 World history : a concise thematic analysis Wallech, Steven. UP Cebu
CeG-8446 LG 993 2016 B4 /V55 Molecular detection of Babesia Caballi in Bohol and Cebu, Philippines Villar, Stephanie R. UP Cebu
CeG-8480 LG 994 2016 V58 Gender, general average and self-efficacy in relation to performance of the students in the Cebu City scholarship qualifying examination Vibar, Junhrey A. UP Cebu-SRP
CeG-8380 LG 994 2016 /V47 Online homework : effects on students' performance in Grade 10 Mathematics Verzales, Warren P. UP Cebu-SRP
CeG-8445 LG 993 2016 B4 /V37 Phytoplankton community structure in oil spill affected areas of Mactan, Island, Cebu, Philippines Vargas, Catleya UP Cebu
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