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CeG-8482 Z 7164 O7 U54 2011 Development and Governance Research: state of the art and annotated bibliography UP Cebu
CeG-8469 UGTP C67 /2007 R63 A prototype programming environment with sonified user interface [term paper-computer science]. Roa, Karen Celeste P. UP Cebu
CeG-8468 UGTP C67 /2007 N53 A design of cyber-film components and its prototype implementation using Gauss-Jordan elimination [term paper-computer science]. Nicart, Cirilo B. UP Cebu
CeG-8467 UGTP C67 /2007 G6 MovieMo : movie making with objects; an alternative anime movie making tool with a programmability feature [term paper-computer science]. Go, Stella Grace UP Cebu
CeG-8466 UGTP C67 /2007 G37 A prototype programming environment for the blind [term paper-computer science]. Gapol, Cyrin O. UP Cebu
Ce-19852 TX 911.3 M3 /K68 2003 Marketing for hospitality and tourism Kotler, Philip. UP Cebu
CeG-8650 TT 849.5 /W57 2008 Shibori knits : the art of exquisite felted knits Wilde, Gina. UP Cebu
CeG-8651 TT 820 /Q55 2006 Quick knits : cool projects UP Cebu
CeG-8517 TR 897.7 D493 2006 Beginning ActionScript 2.0 Derksen, Nathan UP Cebu
Ce-19813 TR 882.5 Z488 2013 Video basics 7 + workbook Zettl, Herbert. UP Cebu
Ce-19811 TR 850 Z47 2013 Sight sound motion : applied media aesthetics Zettl, Herbert UP Cebu
Ce-19806 TR 850 M43 2014 Media production, delivery, and interaction for platform independent systems : format-agnostic media UP Cebu
CeG-8645 TP 248.2 /A97 2011 Selected reviews in biotechnology : livestock, forestry and fisheries Ayson, Evelyn Grace DJ. UP Cebu
CeG-8520 TK 5105.8885 S76 K87 2005 Struts design and programming : a tutorial Kurniawan, Budi UP Cebu
CeG-8636 TK 5105.875 I57 K88 2010 Computer networking : a top-down approach Kurose, James F. UP Cebu
Ce-19799 TK 5105.5828 C47 2010 Event processing : designing IT systems for agile companies Chandy, K. Mani. UP Cebu
Ce-19818 TK 5102.2 S44 2012 Digital universe : the global telecommunication revolution Seel, Peter Benjamin. UP Cebu
CeG-8582 TD 790 /S65 1998 Solid waste management : critical issues for developing countries UP Cebu
CeG-8581 TD 789 P6 /U75 2008 Solid waste management : principles and practices : an introduction to the basic functional elements of solid waste management, with special emphasis on the needs of developing countries Uriarte, Filemon A.,Jr. UP Cebu
Ce-19802 T 57.6 S97 2014 Systems analysis and design Rosenblatt, Harry J. UP Cebu
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