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Ce-20053 LB 1029 S53 /S484 2016 Judging for themselves : using mock trials to bring social studies and English to life Sherrin, David UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20054 PN 1993.5 G7 /S7 2016 The decline of the cinema: an economist's report. Spraos, John. UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20055 HM 742 /K75 2015 Social data analytics : collaboration for the enterprise Krishnan, Krish UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20056 HD 58.8 I465 2016 The innovation formula : the 14 science-based keys for creating a culture where innovation thrives Imber, Amantha UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20057 HD 45 /R48 2016 Rethinking innovation : global perspectives UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20058 LB 2395.7 /B4698 2016 Best practices for flipping the college classroom UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20059 T 385 C35 2015 Signage and wayfinding design : a complete guide to creating environmental graphic design systems Calori, Chris. UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20060 KF 1614 /R53 2010 Deceptive advertising : behavioral study of a legal concept Richards, Jef I. UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20061 T385 R68 D47 2013 Design basics. Roth, Richard UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20062 PN 6112 /R68 2016 The Routledge drama anthology : from modernism to contemporary performance UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20063 GT 596 G73 2009 Graphic fashion : design, illustration & trends = [El lenguaje gráfico de la moda = Le langage graphique de la mode] UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20064 QP 517 B569 S96 2014 Synthetic aesthetics : investigating synthetic biology's designs on nature UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20065 E 169.12 /F65 2016 Power plays power works Fiske, John UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20066 TR 899 /W33 2016 The editor's toolkit : a hands-on guide to the craft of film and TV editing Wadsworth, Christopher UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20067 TK 7895 E42 F68 2015 Developing and managing embedded systems and products : methods, techniques, tools, processes, and teamwork Fowler, Kim R. UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20068 T 385 G354 2015 Introduction to computer graphics : a practical learning approach Ganovelli, Fabio. UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20069 QE 36 B67 2014 Understanding geology through maps Borradaile, G. J. UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20071 RA 793 G58 2015 Global climate change and human health : from science to practice UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20072 TJ 808 Q3713 2016 Understanding renewable energy systems Quaschning, Volker UP Cebu-Lahug
Ce-20073 TA 330 N86 2015 Numerical modelling handbook UP Cebu-Lahug
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