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CeG-9111 DS 889.5 M59 2018 Japan's quest for stability in Southeast Asia : navigating the turning points in postwar Asia Miyagi, Taizao UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9110 QA 27 J3 S25 2018 Wasan : the fascination of traditional Japanese mathematics Sakurai, Susumu UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9109 DS 884 M87 O33 2018 Mutsu Munemitsu and his time Okazaki, Hisahiko UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9108 PN 1998.3 S893 S89 2018 Mixing work with pleasure : my life at Studio Ghibli Suzuki, Toshio UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9107 DS 822 K44 2018 Edo Japan encounters the world : conversations between Donald Keene and Shiba Ryotaro Keene, Donald UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9106 NA 1555 I33 2018 Contemporary Japanese architects : profiles in design Igarashi, Tarao UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9105 SB 63 O33 S89 2018 Landscape gardener Ogawa Jihei and his times : a profile of modern Japan Suzuki, Hiroyuki UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9104 KZ 3679 S47 2018 The territory of Japan : its history and legal basis Serita, Kentaro. UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9103 BH 221 J3 T35 2018 The Japanese sense of beauty Takashina, Shuji UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9102 PL 726.1 N35 2018 Words to live by : Japanese classics for our time Nakano, Koji UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9101 D 16.2 H36 2018 Toward creation of a new world history Haneda, Masashi UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9100 TS 171 H37 2018 Designing Japan : a future built on aesthetics Hara, Kenya UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9099 D 804.6 K58 2014 Visas of life and the epic journey : how the Sugihara survivors reached Japan Kitade, Akira UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9098 HD 58.7 T78 2015 Tree-ring management : take the long view and grow your business slowly Tsukakoshi, Hiroshi UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9097 HD 9836 J34 S27 2015 Saving the mill : the amazing recovery of one of Japan's largest paper mills following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami Sasa, Ryoko UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9096 QE 521.3 O35 2015 Listen to the voice of the Earth : learn about earthquakes to save lives Oki, Satoko UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9095 DS 830 P85 2015 If there were no Japan : a cultural memoir Pulvers, Roger UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9094 B 5241 T35 2015 Flower petals fall, but the flower endures : the Japanese philosophy of transience Takeuchi, Seiichi UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9093 DS 889.5 T36 2017 Japan in Asia : post-Cold-War diplomacy Tanaka, Akihiko UP Cebu-Lahug
CeG-9092 DS 849 C6 J37 2017 Japan-China relations in the modern era UP Cebu-Lahug
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